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Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust Person Held Record Consent


  • I understand that Oxcare can be an enhancement to the current care I receive. The system is not a replacement for medical care and I should still consult a Healthcare Professional as normal, if I, or a person I care for feels unwell. In case of emergency, I should always dial 999.


  • I understand that no additional equipment will be provided to me to access Oxcare.


  • I understand that using Oxcare is voluntary. I can stop using it at any time without giving a reason.


  • I understand that I do not own any aspect of the Oxcare system and access may be taken away if I am discharged from Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.


  • I agree that I will need to use my own device and use WiFi to access Oxcare.


  • I am happy to use Oxcare. I understand all information collected about me (on the system) will be kept anonymous, unless I choose to share it with other users of the Oxcare web app. My feedback and comments about Oxcare may be attributed to me to support further development.


  • I fully understand the information discussed and agree to use Oxcare.

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